Edgecore WiFi 6 & 7


Discover the power of Edgecore WiFi 6 & 7, engineered for unparalleled agility and scalability.

Reliable indoor WiFi is simply the starting point. Users now demand seamless connectivity as they traverse various environments, from office buildings to expansive campuses, and beyond. From bustling hotels and restaurants to rugged industrial sites and logistics hubs, dependable wireless access is non-negotiable for both users and their diverse devices.

Businesses are embracing automation on a grand scale, connecting an ever-expanding array of assets ranging from IoT devices to temperature monitors and remote facilities. Edgecore Networks is at the forefront of WiFi 6 innovation, offering open-WiFi solutions that ensure uninterrupted operations and foster agility and scalability, all while reducing reliance on proprietary alternatives.

WiFi 7 introduces a game-changing expansion of available bandwidth, tapping into the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and newly accessible 6GHz bands. This innovation with it’s Open Mesh and Open Roaming capabilities, actually opens doors to a plethora of industrial applications, enabling:

• Support for bandwidth-intensive productivity tools

• Precise asset tracking capabilities, BLE, Zigbee and Threads

• iBeacon and Matter, enable location-based services and building automation

• Real-time data aggregation across warehouses, loading docks, and production facilities

As organizations embark on digital transformation journeys, prioritizing optimal WiFi performance and embracing modern cloud architectures becomes paramount. 

Edgecore’s advanced technologies cater to both business services and operational needs, ensuring seamless integration and future-proofing your infrastructure.

Ready to explore the possibilities? Reach out to Andy Richardson (arichardson@broadnet-telecom.ca) at Broadnet Telecom Inc. for further details.